Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the parking open or indoor??

 Meritage offers all covered covered car parking.

Q: What is the cost of Parking??

INR 2,00,000/ Car Park.

Q: How many elevators are there in each block??

 Two Lift.

Q: When will you register the apartment in my name??

 We usually register the apartment only after entire payment has been received.

Q: After I make the 20% payment what documents will I sign??

 After the payment is received we will execute Sale Agreement & Consturction Agreement.

Q: Is there any scope for customization? If yes, to what level??

 Only cosmetic customization is possible. For example Flooring, Fittings etc. can be customized. No structural alternations will be possible.

Q: What will be cost for this customization??

The cost of customization will depend on the level of customization and the products etc. being used. Only after more information will we be able to give a correct estimate.

Q: What are the rentals for apartment in the area??

 Rentals are high in this area. (High class residential area)  

Q: Does your company help in renting out the apartment??

 We will help you out in renting out the apartment.

Q: Does your company have a maintenance division? Can my apartment be maintained??

We engage professional Maintenance agencies that do this work.